Rhea XS Grande Machine

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- Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine. Coffee Bean.  (Payment Kit Optional)
- 10 Selections 
- 4+1 containers
- Capacities (aprox): Milk: 4lbs, Chocolate: 2lbs, French Vanilla: 2lbs, Coffee Beans: 2lbs 
- Easily fits in small working areas, meeting rooms and office kitchens. - Espresso Coffee Bean 10 Selections
- Rail option on top for cups storage. - Cup station can be removed for easy cleaning area. - Illuminated Area: while dispensing red light illuminates dispense area to keep user aware of progress. - Illuminated Selection Buttons. -
Compact and hard working micro brewer - Patented speed mix system for high quality instant drinks. - Programmable through keyboard or rheAction. - Payment Kit Optional.
Design by the well known architect Luan Peter Hasnay.

- UL Approved 
- NOTE: FRAGIL PRODUCT. For shipping information, please contact 1-800-WAKE-UP-0