About Us



 With more than 30 years of experience, our key strengths have been our expertise in gourmet coffee business in USA and Latin American markets, including customer service, State-of-the-art gourmet coffee machines, high quality products, a strong management team and an aggressive and innovative marketing strategy, together with our expert service and our strong one-of-a-kind focus on a market niche.


 In the other hand, our group has fully understood the importance of being a full-provider that can give you a complete solution: the products, the machines, the technical service and the most important, the experience in the coffee business. We are not a wholesaler; we are a Coffee Business Solution Provider, who adds value to each product we offer.


OUR TEAM is always working in the field nowadays; they have hands-on experience in the Gourmet Coffee Industry, and know exactly the customer needs. The market is always changing, every time there are new requirements and needs, as we are a Full Coffee Solution Provider, we know and feel this changes each day directly from the market. We are always ready to offer the best solution. Our organization has been planned to be very light, flexible, agile and versatile. Our team, working together supports the Noi Caffe Coffee Service Operators Network in the US and other Countries; conformed by NOI Caffe Associates who works with our solution: machines, products and services. These are our Business Opportunities Associates, which are part of our team.


 OUR VISION, to be the biggest, most reliable and profitable Coffee Solution Provider in USA. Our Products and Equipment combine with our expertise and market knowledge can make it possible.


 OUR MISSION, in order to achieve our vision, is commits to the following:

- Provide innovative, affordable and high-quality products that save time and make coffee break the most satisfying experience.

- Offer high quality equipment, to produce the best gourmet coffee, at the most profitable price, and with - the lowest cost of operation.

- Keep working in the field, offering service to our operator's network, having a close relation with our business opportunities in order to feel the market needs, and know where to direct the new strategies.

Our strong commitment will enable us to be the market leader as a provider of gourmet coffee products.