Rhea Sagoma Luce

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- Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine. Coffee Bean. (Payment Kit Optional)
- Cup Dispenser
- 12 + 2 Selections
- 5+ 1 Containers
- Capacity: Milk: 8lbs, French Vanilla: 8lbs, Chocolate: 8lbs, Sugar: 8lbs, Coffee Beans: 6lbs

- Easily fits in large working areas, open areas and high traffic places. Elegant, attractive and illuminated free stand machine. - Cup station for comfortable service thanks to the use of self support on the door. - Sugar 2-pre selected buttons are availables to adjust sugar visually on a LED bar. 
Designed by Angelo Micheli of the Lucchi Studio. 
- User friendly, a wide range of programming options ensure that a personalized drink can be achieved either via the machines displays or with our rheAction support software. the coffee grinder can be easily removed and the mixing bowls can be simply taken out and replaced. 
- Data audit: Sales data is available in EVA-DTS format through IRDA (optional) or flash key
- Compatible witj coin or cash-less systems in parallel, executive or MDB protocols. 

- UL Approved - NOTE: FRAGIL PRODUCT. For shipping information, please contact 1-800-WAKE-UP-0.